Worthington Family History Society

Worthington Family History Society

The Worthington Family History Society is a world wide society researching and publishing information on the lives and genealogies of Worthingtons throughout history.

Annual General Meetings

Each year there has been an Annual General Meeting at which Society members, partners and guests are welcome. Every other year the Annual General Meeting is usually combined with a three day Gathering at a location connected with Worthington history.

2007 pre-meeting Hampton in Arden
2007 Annual Meeting in Annapolis, Maryland, USA
Past Annual Meetings

2005 Inaugural meeting in Wigan, Lancashire, UK
2006 AGM in Wigan, Lancashire, UK
2007 3-day Gathering in Annapolis, Maryland, USA with a UK pre-meeting in Hampton in Arden, West Midlands
2008 3-day Gathering in Dover, Kent, UK
2009 3-day Gathering in Leesburg, Virginia, USA with a UK pre-meeting in Dean Row, Cheshire
2010 3-day Gathering in Wilmslow, Cheshire, UK
2012 AGM Tower of London, UK
2013 3-day gathering in Chillicothe, Ohio (full report)
2014 AGM Kensington, London, UK
2015 3-day Gathering in Manchester, UK
2016 AGM Sutton House, Hackney, London, UK
2017 AGM, Hartford, Connecticut, USA from 26th-28th May.
2018 AGM, Jesus College Cambridge UK
2019 AGM, Sydney, Australia
2020 Worldwide Meeting held electronically due to pandemic restrictions
2021 Worldwide meeting by Zoom

Future Annual General Meeting

Details about next year’s AGM and a future gathering at Salt Lake City, Utah, USA will be announced in due course.

2022 Annual General Meeting

Friday 8th July 2022
1.30pm California
9.30pm UK
10.30pm France
Saturday 9th July 2022
6.30am Eastern Australia
8.30am New Zealand
2019 Annual Meeting- members on the Rocks Walking Tour
2009 Annual Meeting in Leesburg, Virginia, USA
2010 Gathering in Wilmslow
2018 Annual Meeting at Jesus College, Cambridge
2018 Annual Meeting at Jesus College, Cambridge