Worthington Family History Society

Worthington Family History Society

The DNA Project

The DNA Project was set up after the 2008 Worthington Family History Society Annual General Meeting using Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) as the testing company. DNA, which is only passed from father to son, is of particular interest to family historians tracing their male ancestors. It can be helpful in linking known lines and may also provide pointers to further research where documentary evidence has failed. To date many members of the Worthington Family History Society, or their close male relatives, and also some members of the general public have been tested. Intriguing results have been obtained, e.g. four lines of Worthingtons from Nottinghamshire have close DNA matches but no written evidence of their common ancestor, who probably lived as recently as the 17th century, has yet been found. The Project website has details of how to join and order test kits which currently cost US$149 for the recommended 37 marker yDNA test. The relevant web pages are:

For ordering the yDNA test. Testing on more markers will produce more relevant results. We therefore suggest that you order the test on 37, 67, or 111 markers.

The Family Tree DNA Worthington Group Project.

Patrilineal descents from the Worthington yDNA Project.

Sidney Worthington can get the test kits for £89 through The Guild of One Name Studies (GOONS), which is cheaper than buying them from FTDNA – as long as you are a male Worthington.

Note: You do not have to join the Society in order to participate in the DNA Project.