Benefits of Membership

The Worthington Family History Society has many members from all walks of life and from all over the world. If you are undertaking research into a Worthington Family, we encourage you to join our Society where you may be able to establish other historical and family links.

Members enjoy a number of benefits:

Register of Worthington References

A copy of regularly released compilations of primary records titled Register of Worthington References (with subtitle and volume) which have been gathered during the research process for Volume 1 of the forthcoming publication on the history of the Worthington Family. Eleven such Registers, all indexed, covering the time period 1500-1730 have been distributed so far. Back copies of Registers are also available to members who have subscribed to the 17thCentury Project (five years of subscription to the Society or equivalent donation).

Social Gatherings

Interaction socially with members of the Worthington Family History Society who reside in Australia, France, New Zealand, Spain, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom at an annual event.


Travel and exploration of geographic locations historically connected to members of the wider Worthington Family, e.g. Annapolis, Leesburg and Chilicothe, USA; London, Dover, Wilmslow, Manchester and Cambridge, England; Sydney, Australia.


The opportunity to actively become a part of the Worthington Family History Society by participating in various activities within the organization; and/or contributing to projects in other ways, e.g. financially.


Networking with Worthingtons worldwide who are present day members of the Society. Subject to the Society’s Privacy Policy, other members’ contact details may be accessed in the members’ section on the web site.


Access to a comprehensive source of information already researched and compiled for current projects from primary sources and published in a Register of References. Potential access to research, by other members, who have agreed to share their information.


Discounted prices for books written about Worthington families.

Benefits of Sponsorship

Members of the Worthington Family History Society and those joining the 17th Century Project welcome benefactors and financial sponsorship for the publication of the forthcoming book on the early Worthington families of Lancashire.

It is not too late for current members of the Society, who have not yet joined the Project, to join and contribute to the work of the Project. The qualification for joining is having contributed five years of subscriptions to the Society, which includes all contributions during past years. New members of the Society can join the 17thCentury Project also by paying the equivalent of five years of subscription on joining (currently £160, US$210, Aus$300, NZ$330).

We gratefully acknowledge the eight original sponsors of the 17th Century Project, which began in 2005, namely Philip Worthington, Janet Worthington, Stuart Worthington, Sidney Worthington, Judy Worthington, Lloyd Worthington, Patricia Ward and Donald Worthington. We are also grateful to members past and present of the Worthington Family History Society who have supported this work.

All those who have joined the 17th Century Project will be acknowledged in the book.

Privacy Policy

Please read the Society’s Privacy Policy which can be found here.

How to Join

Membership of the Worthington Family History Society and joining the 17th Century Project is open to anyone with an interest in the Worthington family surname. You can join by either filling in an online application form or  by downloading and completing the Membership Application as a PDF or Word file which can then be sent to:

Membership Secretary:
Suzanne M Worthington,
2704 Diericx Drive,
Mountain View, CA 94040, USA,


The annual subscription rate for membership in the Worthington Family History Society is US$42 or £32 or A$60 or NZ$65 and is due on 1 October each year. Members joining part way through the year pay a reduced/pro rata fee.

UK members can make payment to Paul Lawrence, Treasurer UK or by direct deposit to the WFHS UK bank account – details can be obtained from Paul.

USA members can make payment direct to Tom Gross, President or by direct deposit to the WFHS USA bank account – details can be obtained from Tom.

Australia and NZ members can make payment to Jan Worthington, by direct deposit to either an Australian or New Zealand bank account – details can be obtained from Jan.